Positive Affirmation Stickers Wholesale

We offer wholesale for our Positive Affirmation Stickers!  If you are interested in carrying our stickers in your retail store, online store, or interested in becoming a distributor of our products, visit our Faire storefront (thecosmicfriend.faire.com).  

Through Faire, you’ll get 60 day payment terms and $100 credit to use towards your wholesale order (if you’re new to Faire).

Why sell The Cosmic Friend’s Positive Affirmation Stickers?

  • Great margins
  • $100 minimum on first order.  You can use the $100 credit towards your wholesale order!
  • Unique designs and great quality stickers
  • You’ll be spreading positivity and inspiration 
  • We do not allow sales of our stickers through online portal sites like Amazon
  • Everything is designed, printed, and shipped in house
  • We’re timely, professional, and have great customer service
  • Made in the USA