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Throat Chakra Crystal Set

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The Throat Chakra is the center of truth, self-expression, and communication. A blocked or unbalanced throat chakra leads to issues with communicating, which may lead to dishonesty, overthinking, and an inability to express thoughts and feelings. Allow this set of throat chakra healing crystals help you communicate your truth so you can live authentically and have better relationships with others. You can meditate with these stones with the intention of opening, balancing, and healing your Throat Chakra, carrying them around with your, or place them around your home to benefit from their energetic properties.

1 Blue Kyanite:  A beneficial stone when it comes to communication and self expression.  It cuts through fears and blockages, helping you to speak your truth.
1 Blue Apatite:  Enhances communication in groups and facilitates public speaking as it helps you get your point across and promotes openness and social ease.
1 Sodalite: Helpful for those who find themselves to be overwhelmed with emotions as it brings harmony and calmness to the mind and encourages rational thought. It also helps with verbalization of your feelings.
Angelite: Has a calming and soothing vibration that can help ease tension, anger, and anxiety to allow you to speak your truth. Encourages compassion, peace, and understanding to aid in communication and self-expression.
1 Pouch to carry your crystals.
Cards with crystal description.

Crystal color size and color may slightly vary.