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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Set

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The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna chakra in Sanskrit, is also known as “the seat of intuition.”  Located between your eyebrows, this is the center of perception, consciousness, and intuition.  When blocked or unbalanced, we may feel disconnected from our intuition and from “hearing” our inner guidance.  This set of crystals can help unblock and balance the Third Eye to help you "see” beyond what is shown and understand situations from a higher perspective.

Third Eye Chakra Crystal Set includes:
This stone is great for strengthening intuition. It is powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions. It also strengthens faith in self to help you trust your intuition.
1 Lapis Lazuli:  Stimulates the pineal gland and enhances dreams and visions. It helps us to explore deep within our soul to awaken to our true destiny and divine purpose. It is a crystal of self-awareness and of self-expression as it also resonates with the throat chakra.
1 African Turquoise: Activates the Third Eye to new ideas and possibilities and will also help give you the push you need to executive these ideas.
1 K2:  Helps strengthen the third eye to enhance psychic abilities such as lucid dreaming and astral projection.  Also helps to open the Crown Chakra.  The Third Eye connection to the crown is important as it aids in “seeing” what knowledge you receive.
1 Pouch for carrying your crystals.
Cards with crystal description.

Crystal size and color may vary.