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Stress & Anxiety Relief Crystal Set

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We all deal with anxiety from time to time.  Sometimes we may need a simple reminder to remain in the present instead of reflecting on the past, which can’t be changed, or the future that hasn’t happened yet.  I've curated the Stress & Anxiety Relief Crystal Set with stones that can help encourage you to remain calm, protect you from negative energies, and assist you in staying grounded.  

Stress & Anxiety Relief Crystal Set includes: 

1 Amethyst:  One of the best crystals to aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.  It is also great in helping to transmute negative thoughts and emotions into unconditional love.
1 White Howlite:  Helps calm an overactive mind and aids in sleep and meditation.  It also radiates peaceful and calming energy.
Green Onyx: Believed to provide positive, strong support during mental stress and anxiety. Can help to combat negative thoughts and energies.
Zebra Jasper: Helps to avoid over-thinking and encourages to enjoy the present moment by keeping you grounded and centered.
1 Pouch for carrying crystals
Cards of crystals and their meanings.

Crystal color and size may slightly vary.