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Protect Your Energy Crystal Set

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With all of the uncertainty, negativity, and fear around the world, it is very important to protect yourself from negative energy.  Your aura can easily be penetrated and influenced by the physical and energetic world.  Whether you are constantly around other people, frequently scrolling on social media, have trouble setting boundaries, picking up the toxicity around you can really siphon your energy and leave you feeling drained, anxious, uninspired, and unmotivated.  Protect your peace and your energy with our set of crystals for protection.

Protection Crystal Set includes:
1 Chevron Amethyst:  A strong protection stone that will create an energetic shield around you.  It will deflect any kind of spiritual attack, keep you safe and protected while enhancing your intuition.
1 Smoky Quartz:  Works to create an energetic shield around you and clears negativity from your energy field.  It is said that it has its smoky color because when it was formed, it absorbed the negative energy from the world around it.
1 Black Obsidian:  Black obsidian is a powerful stone of protection.  It helps you to remove emotional blockages that no longer serve you.  It is also known as the truth stone” because it forces you to confront repressed emotions and deal with them.
1 Labradorite:  One of the most powerful protective stones against psychic attacks, deflecting unwanted energies. It creates a shield around the aura while strengthening your inner power. Labradorite has the ability to protect the auric field and prevent your energy from being drained by other people.
1 Pouch for carrying crystals
Cards describing crystals and their meanings.

Crystal size and color may slightly vary.