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Moon Spiral Goddess Journal

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The Moon Spiral Goddess Journal is perfect for artwork, recipes, or to use as a personal journal.  There is a designated section holding pictures, business cards, or notes and two sections with lined paper and unlined paper for your creative expressions.  The journal has an elastic band closure with an amethyst crystal charm that adds a magical touch.  The beautiful emboss symbol represents the connection with the moon and the cycles of a woman’s life which are so closely connected with the phases of the moon.  This makes a great gift for any Goddess. 

Amethyst:  One of the best crystals to aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.  It is also great in helping to transmute negative thoughts and emotions into unconditional love.  Keep amethyst around for balance, peace, detoxification, and spiritual evolution, and protection.

Listing is for 1 blue Moon Spiral Goddess Journal (8" x 5")