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Cabine Monde

Lavender Sage Bundle - For Cleansing Space

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I love anything lavender, so of course I had to include this Lavender Sage Bundle by Cabine Monde.  Lavender represents grace, calmness, and helps with anxiety and stress.  Cabine Monde made this with cultivated California white sage and, of course, adorned with lavender and a spring rose.  Each bundle is 4”-5” long and wrapped in hemp cord.  Cleanse your space and bring in the calm and relaxing energies with this Lavender Sage Bundle.

Allow for slight color variations due to drying patterns of natural elements.

Instructions:  Remove tag.  Hold bundle to flame until it is lit.  Then blow it out and let it smolder.  Allow the smoke to rise through the air.  Reignite as needed.  Please take caution when burning and use a fire safe bowl.  You may snuff it out in the sand if needed.