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Larvikite - Tumbled - For Protection, Grounding, and Focus

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Larvikite is sometimes called Birds Eye Granite, Pearlspar, Blue Norwegian Moonstone, or Emerald Pearl.  This stone may flash like labradorite, but it’s actually a unique type of Monzonite that comes primarily form Larvik, Norway.

The energies of this stone will protect you in your daily activities.  It is also a very cleansing stone as it removes toxins and negative energies from the physical and energetic bodies.  Larvikite is also a grounding stone and will help deepen your wisdom by removing unnecessary thoughts and sharpen your focus.

Size: Approx - .5”-1”
Origin: Norway

Crystal size and color may slightly vary.
Listing is for 1 Larvikite Tumbled Pocket Crystal.  Includes a card with crystal description.