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The Cosmic Friend

Evil Eye Pendant Silver Necklace - For Protection

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This blue evil eye pendant necklace is worn with a 17" gold-or-silver-plated, rosary-style chain. Completed with a lobster claw clasp and chain end. Pendant is approximately 1/2 inch. These necklaces were designed to be easily layered with a second and third piece for a completed look that is both beautifully unique and magical.

The evil eye icon is linked to various cultures, dating back more than 5,000 years ago in Greece and Mesopotamia, when carved into stone and clay tablets. It's importance is significant even today as strong protection against the evil eye curse, which could be described as a malevolent glare cast upon an unsuspecting or unaware being. The evil eye talisman then bends the glare, forcing it back on its caster. Bright blue is often used as the color of this protection icon, representing purity, clarity, and truth.