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Sleep & Dream Crystal Set

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Restful sleep is an important part of our health and well-being.  Disturbed sleep such as insomnia & nightmares, to name a few, are fairly common problems that we encounter when we are out of balance, spiritually.  I’ve chosen four crystals for the Sleep & Dream Crystal Healing Kit that are known in aiding and encouraging peaceful sleep and dreams.  You can meditate with these crystals and/or place them next to your bedside for a good night’s rest.

Dream & Sleep Crystal Set includes:
1 Rainbow Moonstone:  A very soothing stone with outputting vibrations full of calming and relaxing energy.  It has been known to encourage vivid dreams and even lucid dreaming.
1 Hematite:  A grounding and protective stone that induces the feeling of safety & comfort while promoting deep, healing sleep.
1 Celestite:  Inspires deep relaxation by helping to restore your natural state of joy.  It also helps alleviate mental chaos to bring clarity of mind to help you sleep peacefully and wake up ready to tackle the day.
1 Sodalite:  This stone is aligned with the third eye and it opens you to insights and visions in your sleep.  Known as the Dreamcatcher Stone, it also helps to prevent nightmares, allowing for messages to come through in dreams while also promoting calm and restful sleep.
1 Pouch for carrying crystals.
Cards about the crystals and their meaning.

Crystal color and size may slightly vary.
Listing is for 1 Sleep & Dream Crystal Set