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Cosmic Crystal Confetti Scoop

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The Cosmic Crystal Confetti Scoop is a fun and unique surprise!  Choose your scoop size.  Each scoop is scooped at random.  This Cosmic Crystal Confetti mix includes an assortment of healing crystals that ranges from tumbles (approx .5”-1” in size), necklaces, bracelets, crystal chip wish bottles, and much more!  See the video below of me making this exact crystal mix and what you could possibly receive in your Cosmic Crystal Confetti Scoop!

Please note that the picture shown is just an example of scoops and you more than likely won’t receive exactly what is shown in the photo.  Each scoop is random.

Listing is for 1 scoop of Cosmic Crystal Confetti 


@thecosmicfriend This was so fun to make 😍 ✨. #crystaltok #crystalconfetti #crystalhealing #crystals #asmr ♬ original sound - ✨The ☾osmic Friend✨