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The Cosmic Friend

Amethyst Celestial Goddess Box

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Selenite Dish Shape

Whether it’s for your or a special person in your life, our Celestial Goddess Box makes a great gift set for a stars and moon loving Goddess.  Each box includes beautifully curated pieces that will bring in good vibrations, loving energy, and to help one align and connect to their higher power.

Amethyst Celestial Goddess Box includes:
1 Amethyst Slice Crescent Moon Necklace -  Made out of natural amethyst slice and includes gold plated stainless steel satellite twist curb chain.
1 Purple Druzy Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Made and cut out of natural druzy.  The druzy sone is dyed purple and plated with gold on the edges.  Earrings are approx. 8mm x 10mm.
1 Selenite Satin Spar DishThis stone can help connect you to the angelic realms and bring strong spiritual healing.  It's a great stone for anyone starting their spiritual healing journey as it will encourage enlightenment and rejuvenation.  It's one of the best stones for gaining a sense of peace and protection.  Use this dish to place stones, jewelry, or other trinkets in.
1 Rainbow Moonstone TumbleA very soothing stone with outputting vibrations full of calming and relaxing energy.  
1 Celestite TumbleInspires deep relaxation by helping to restore your natural state of joy.  It serves as a reminder that no matter where you are on your journey, your angels are with you, providing love, healing, and support.
1  Heart Shaped Rose QuartzAlso known as the “ultimate love stone” or the stone of the heart.  It helps open the heart to all forms of unconditional love, including for self and others.  Great stones to have throughout your home as they have a loving vibration.
1 Amethyst Cluster - Not only does this stone protect one from negative energies, but it helps with stress and anxiety.  Amethyst also activates the Crown Chakra – your connection to the angles and higher realms.  It encourages balance, peace, purity, unity, and spiritual evolution.
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Listing is for 1 Amethyst Celestial Goddess Box, which includes items listed above.