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Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Set

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Living a life of abundance and prosperity doesn’t only mean financial wealth, but also happiness, health, and love.  Manifest and attract the energies needed to help you attract abundance of all kinds with our Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Set.  These stones will help give you the right focus to put in the hard work that is needed to achieve the wealth you desire in your life.  You can carry it around with you, meditate with them, or place these crystals around your home to attract the energy you need to shape your goals. 

Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Set includes:
1 Pyrite:  Known for being a great stone for attracting abundance.  This stone amplifies your intentions towards success.
1 Peach Aventurine:  A stone of good luck.  This stone is great for anyone who is shy or may have anxiety around people as it strengthens your sense of self to help you trust your intuition and creativity.
1 Tiger’s Eye:  This stone will help to bring more direction to your goals and is commended for its ability to manifest abundance.  It will also help increase your inner strength, confidence, and determination.
1 Jade: Promotes wisdom, balance, happiness, and peace. An amulet of good luck and friendship. Instills prosperity and wealth into all aspects of life.
1 Pouch for carrying crystals. 
Cards with crystal meanings.

Crystal color and size may slightly vary.