What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual energy healing art with its roots in Japanese origin.  The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.  Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.  It is not a massage and is administered by “laying of hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us.  It is subtle and an effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.  Everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others.  It is believed that a person’s”ki” or energy should be strong and free flowing.  When this happens, a person’s body and mind is in an aligned and positive state of health.  When the energy is weak or blocked, it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance and we are more likely to get sick or feel stress.

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional.  

What is Distant Reiki?

Distant Reiki works the same as an in-person Reiki session except that the person receiving Reiki is not in the same room.  It is the practitioner’s focus and intent to send energy tot he client, and that person’s willingness to receive it, that makes it work. 

How Does a Distant Session Work?

Energy healing can be sent without scheduling a specific time depending on what the practitioner offers.  The practitioner will usually give a timeframe of when the energy healing will be sent (e.g. 24 hours after purchase).  If there is a scheduled time, the client should be lying down, sitting down, or meditating in a comfortable and quiet area at the appointed time.

The practitioner will prepare for the session the same way as they would for an in person treatment.  Included in the preparation is the clearing of the healing space of any unwanted energy, which may involve the use of smudging, crystals, Reiki symbols, prayer, mediation, and intent.   Crystals may be chosen and soothing music may be played by the practitioner throughout the session as it would for an in-person healing.

Practitioners may use a surrogate, such as a teddy bear or a doll in order to transfer the healing energy to the client.  They may also just simply visualize the client and focus on the client’s name or location in order to send the healing energy.  During the session, the client may have experiences ranging from deep relaxation to crying due to the release of negative energy.  

After the session, the practitioner will follow up to let you know that they've completed the session and with any feedback.

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