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Heart Chakra Crystal Set

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The Heart Chakra is located around your chest area and is associated with our feelings of compassion, empathy, and love for self and others.  When your Heart Chakra is open and balanced, you may feel peace, fearlessness, gratitude, and a sense of connectedness to everyone around you.  When it is out of balance or blocked, you may feel heartbroken, insecure, easily hurt, lonely, and may find it difficult to form healthy relationships with others.  Allow our Heart Chakra Crystal Healing Kit aid you in balancing and opening your heart to unconditional love.

Heart Chakra Crystal Set includes:
1 Selenite Desert Rose - This stone helps you have a heart-centered consciousness and to bring clarity in understanding your feelings and emotions.
1 Rhodonite - Stone of compassion.  It can help stimulate, clear, and activate the heart.  This stone can aid in cases of emotional abuse, self destruction, and codependency as it helps with emotional healing and assists with relationship problems.
1 Amazonite - Empowers you to discover your own truth and integrity.  It can help you to improve love and communication on all levels and will help you in communicating your true thoughts and feelings.  It is also known as the “luck hope stone” as it brings luck to all of your hopes and dreams.
1 Malachite - This stone protects you from lower vibrational energies and entities.  It helps to open you up to love and helps to bring loyalty and trust into a relationship.  Malachite can also show you what’s blocking your spiritual growth and enhance your willpower.
1 Pouch for carrying your crystals.
Cards with crystal description

 Crystal size and color may slightly vary.
Listing is for 1 Heart Chakra Crystal Set